What Does $700 Billion Buy Taxpayers?

Elizabeth Warren

Fresh Air from WHYY, December 11, 2008 · Bankruptcy and commercial law expert Elizabeth Warren explains how taxpayer money is being spent in the financial bailout program. A professor at Harvard Law School, Warren chairs the oversight panel appointed by Congress to monitor the spending of the $700 billion bailout money. The committee issues its first report on Dec. 10.

Photo: Elizabeth Warren is the author (with her daughter Amelia Warren Tyagi) of All Your Worth. Harvard Law School

Source: NPR

One thought on “What Does $700 Billion Buy Taxpayers?

  1. I saw Elizabeth Warren on Fox tv with Greta Van Susteren but I was so tired, I couldn’t read my handwriting notes the next day. I think she said a specific sum of BILLIONS of dollars disappeared & bankers can’t account for it. I bought “The Creature from Jekyll Island…” at the Granada Forum when I lived in Calif. & often refer to it & recommend it to others, like school teachers who didn’t answer my mail the first time. I got a notice from the NJ Sec. of State asking me to sign the Voter Registation form if I was a “US citizen” wanting me to use my longer birth certificate last name that my kindergarten teacher told my mother NOT to use. I wrote back informing her that I voted using my shorter name, but since there was a THREAT of FINE & IMPRISONMENT if that form wasn’t signed accurately, I asked for THE specific definition she wanted since I found MANY that differred. She never wrote back, Congr. Rothman never answered two emails, three local schools didn’t answer my mail except for an anonymous note advising me to SIGN the form. I wrote back the schools, and one superintendent letter came back without a date, signature, nor letterhead, just a typewritten name under “a” definition of “U.S. citizen.” Without his signature, letterhead & date, I didn’t vote for president out of fear. I had my life savings stolen from two banks early 2004 using fraudulent forms & nonapplicable statutes IRS sent me & the banks didn’t have a court order or evidence. There was another phony IRS lien, I wrote the Minnesota Bankl cert. mail & my letter returned. The postal clerk said there was NO BANK there, I questioned her & the postal manager stole my mail, called police & the rest is very ugly & still painful (torn tendon). A judge dismissed my complaints using forgery (complaints I never signed)..
    This is v ery condensed, I better stop here.// 2-ll-09//LS

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