Global One Audio Seminar – Outline

GLOBAL 1 of 12: Freedom, Sovereignty and Money

  • Course Information
  • Getting the Most Our of the Course
  • The Need for Education
  • Overview of Legal and Historical Topics
  • Introduction to Johnny Liberty
  • Johnny’s Purpose and Direction
  • Fundamentals of Freedom, Sovereignty and Government
  • Rethinking Your Beliefs
  • The Media and Misinformation featuring Jon Rappaport
  • Sovereignty and the Legal System
  • Inner Freedom featuring Fredric Lehrman
  • What is Real Money?
  • Coinage and Currency

GLOBAL 2 of 12: Creation of the Federal Reserve

  • Creature from Jekyll Island featuring G. Edward Griffin

GLOBAL 3 of 12: Banking and The Constitution

  • Consequences of the Federal Reserve Act
  • Aspects of Sovereignty
  • Republic Vs. Democracy
  • Conditions Before the Revolution
  • The Constitutions and State Sovereignty
  • Clarifying the Original Constitution
  • The Constitution Today

GLOBAL 4 of 12: Voting, Birth Certificates, Power Structures and Citizenship

  • Voting, Electors and Land Owners
  • Corporate Displacement of Individual Rights
  • The Missing 13th Amendment
  • Birth Certificates and the 14th Amendment
  • Restoring the Vision
  • Sovereignty and the Global Context
  • The Taboo of Sovereignty
  • Are We as Free as We Say We Are
  • Sovereignty and Power
  • Manipulations of the Power Structures
  • The One World Agenda
  • Redefining Citizenship

GLOBAL 5 of 12: Reclaiming Your Unalienable Rights

  • Reclaiming Your Status
  • Rescinding Your Signature
  • Canadian Sovereignty
  • Unalienable Rights
  • Steps to Privacy featuring Richard Cawte

GLOBAL 6 of 12: Jurisdiction, Venue and Common Law

  • Categories of Jurisdiction
  • Criteria for Venue
  • Legal or Lawful?
  • The Primacy of Common Law
  • Representation in Court
  • Today’s Legal Environment
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

GLOBAL 7 of 12: Income Tax, IRS, Social Security and Authority

  • Deceptive Practices to Collect Taxes
  • Income Tax and the World Wars
  • An IRS Agent Speaks featuring Joe Bannister
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Taxes and the Economy
  • Where Does the IRS Get Its Authority?

GLOBAL 8 of 12: Taxes, Allodial Titles and Land Patents

  • Understanding Your True Tax Liability
  • Choosing Your Status
  • Interacting with the IRS
  • Dealing with Your Feelings
  • Leaving the Abuse featuring Mike Connaway
  • Words from a Former Judge featuring John Rizzo
  • Allodial Titles and Land Patents
  • Where Land Patents Came From?
  • Updating the Land Patent
  • Acquiring and Transferring Title
  • Effects of an Allodial Title

GLOBAL 9 of 12: Estate Planning and Vision for the Future

  • Definition of Terms
  • Cash Management and Banking
  • Tax and Estate Planning
  • Structuring for Free Enterprise
  • Trusts, S.A.’s and Corporation Soles
  • Reviewing the Major Points
  • Vision for the Future

GLOBAL 10 of 12: Debt, Money and Investments

  • Money and Freedom
  • Limits to Productivity
  • The Tyranny of Debt
  • Money That Works for You
  • Your Personal Prosperity Point
  • Budgeting
  • Assets and Liabilities
  • Compounding Your Wealth
  • Protecting Your Wealth
  • Categories of Investments

GLOBAL 11 of 12: Trusts. IBC’s and Investments

  • Types of Trusts
  • Characteristics of IBC’s
  • Private Placements
  • Canadian Strategies
  • Refining Your Plans
  • Interpreting the Numbers
  • Building Your Asset Column
  • The Risk of Not Risking
  • The Truth About Your House
  • Driving and Dollars
  • Diversifying Your Risks
  • Investing Online

GLOBAL 12 of 12: Closing Remarks and Review

  • Closing Remarks
  • Due Diligence
  • Message from the Founders
  • Reviewing Form 12A
  • Reviewing Form 12B
  • Reviewing Form 12C
  • Reviewing Form 12D
  • Using Your New Roadmap
  • Your Financial IQ


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