About LIF

The purpose of Liberty International is to further the cause of organizations, businesses, communities and individuals who’ve made a significant contribution to liberating us from the bondage of external authority and the internal limitations of the human mind/body. This site is dedicated to sovereignty for all the people.

Liberty International is raising consciousness for freedom-minded people, projects, programs and organizations such as yours. Your generous financial contribution to the Freedom Fund will build an infrastructure for freedom and consciousness emerging worldwide. Any donation amount, small or large, is greatly appreciated. Please submit your donation via “Paypal.”

As Gandhi said,“It may not seem very significant what you do, but it’s very important you do it.”

Current Projects include:

Current Educational Materials include:

  • Freedom Catalog (Books, CD’s & DVD’s)
  • Dawning of the Corona Age: Navigating the Pandemic by Johnny Freedom ($25.00) PRINT COPY
  • Sovereign’s Handbook by Johnny Liberty ($99.95) ~ THREE-VOLUME PRINT SERIES
  • Global Sovereign’s Handbook (pdf) by Johnny Liberty ($30.00) – E-BOOK
  • Allodial Titles & Land Patents (pdf) by Johnny Liberty ($20.00) – E-BOOK
  • Federal Criminal Defendant’s Handbook (pdf) by H’yoka Running Free ($30.00) – E-BOOK

Archived Projects include:

3 thoughts on “About LIF

  1. I am a veteran Natural Therapeutic Specialist and truthseeker looking for a place to call home. I am able to bring a large life experience to the table. Do not hesitate to contact me with more about what it is you are wanting to accomplish.–Mark

  2. Hi,

    I was listening to a presentation you did about 14 years ago via youtube and it was so eye opening for me.

    I have now downloaded your book, the global sovereigns handbook. looking forward to reading but in the meantime can I pose a question to you. Maybe you can help.

    I have a very bold plan. Actually, it’s not my plan but built off of Rob Menard’s very cunning plan if you’ve ever heard of it. Basically, it involves a volunteer Peace officer force to outnumber the Police force. What is significant for me now is this ‘mandatory’ vaccination issue that we are dealing with. I am working directly with Jane Burgermeister if you’ve heard of her. She’s the Austrian journalist who filied charges against UN and WHO for conspiring to commit mass genocide.

    Anyway, I have the ear of a lot of people these days and I would like to inspire an immediate volunteer Peace Officer force to simply make contact in a peace officer to peace officer kind of way, to warn law enforcement, fire fighters, etc. what they are about to be used for. I am trying at all costs to avoid a civil war on Earth and I think this is the solution.

    While Rob Menard is in Canada, you understand it all from a US standpoint. Can you tell me the absolute simplest way we can form such a Peace force. I was imagining, men and women simply taking the oath to uphold constitution before a witness and consider themselves Peace officers. Couldn’t it be that simple? I have people ready to build a quick website to guide them on the purpose which is basically to warn law enforcement, soldiers, etc about this depopulation agenda and their potential role in it. I just think it would be heard more loudly if they held an official status as “Peace Officer” I can see thousands wanting to do this. Really!!

    Can you please help me to effect this in the simplest way possible. I don’t want uniforms, obviously no pay. Can we just declare ourselves and get busy?

    Anxiously waiting for your reply,
    In Peace, susan

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