Vision for a New America

After twenty years as an author and educator in the sovereignty and freedom movement worldwide we’ve learned what we can and cannot do in these times to restore the true vision of America given the political, economic and legal climate of the US today.

This historic talk on “Independence Day” weekend will inspire and rock the very foundations of your preconceptions about America and the world.

  • Lecture (Audio)

John David Van Hove (aka Johnny Light/Liberty/Love) is an author, educator, researcher, business developer and public speaker extraordinaire in many topic areas including sovereignty, freedom, liberty, history, law, economics, money, leadership and the true nature of power.

John is available for keynote public speaking, leading seminars and workshops, producing audio or video courses, internet, radio and television appearances, business consulting, financial and health coaching. (800) 640-5947

Source: Liberty International

One thought on “Vision for a New America

  1. I first got interested in freedom, constitutional government, common law, libertarianism, etc. through hearing a tape program which featured John Van Hove a.k.a. Johnny Liberty. He has been a tremendous influence in my life and I deeply regret that at the time that he was arrested and was in jail I was unable to help him in any way because had it not been for Johnny Liberty I would be just as ignorant as I was when I graduated from High School (or college for that matter) and I would have no hope and options for my own freedom because of that ignorance. I feel genuinely sorry that I didn’t do anything at all to help him, because of anyone in the world John Van Hove did not deserve to go to jail and to suffer. I am sorry because the words of Johnny Liberty changed my life. His words touched me and shook me to the very core of my being. His words opened my eyes and woke me up.

    I have read on another website that John Van Hove is now out of jail. Where is he? I wish I could tell him how much his work has meant to me, and how much it changed my life, and to ask now if there is anything I can do to help him.

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