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Editor’s Note: This 30th Anniversary edition of the Sovereign’s Handbook will be released in Spring 2022 not only as a special print edition, but as an affordable eBook to assure maximum distribution of the ideas behind the life’s work and vision of Johnny Liberty. His important work is an idea whose time has come once again! Please distribute this work widely to arouse the commitment to make America great again.

By Johnny Liberty

SATake a good look around. These are dangerous times to be exercising your rights and liberties in these united states of America. These are also exciting and momentous times to be alive and take a courageous stand for freedom in America and around the world. As Bob Dylan’s classic song prophesized, “The times they are a changing.”

Although not evident through the mass media the tide is shifting away from organized tyranny and towards enhanced and expanded freedoms for all the people of the earth. Eventually the chains of human bondage will be broken and a new generation will unleash a mighty power of goodness on the earth.

Stand up and be counted. Stand up for your rights. Stand up for your individual sovereignty. Challenge external authority and the established world view. Examine your beliefs and free your minds. Have compassion and love your enemies.

One True America

Where is the true America?

The true America is rarely found in our present government. For most of our leaders are too ignorant, blind and cowardly to protect or defend our most precious rights. Many are bent on destroying the U.S. Constitution and shredding it for their own self-interest and power.

The true America is not found in the brain-dead, stupefied public without the willpower to defend their most basic self-interest, rights and freedom. For these are lost sheep. For these are all too willing to accept their conditioning and indoctrination without questioning authority or the source of the beliefs.

Do not look toward any false America’s or listen to false prophets for the answers. For the answers are not found there.

The true America is not to be found in our current leadership or on television. New leadership is emerging and there will you find the hope and the prayers for future generations. These leaders are invisible, sometimes hard to find, but exist nonetheless. These leaders are not born, but made.

Desire Freedom and the Truth

JohnnyAbe-288How much do you desire freedom? How much do you desire your own sovereignty? How much do you love yourself?

A life unquestioned and unexamined is not a life worth living. So you have a choice. To examine your life, your beliefs and to learn from history or to be condemned to repeat the mistakes of the past.

How many more people will die without knowing the purpose of their lives? How many more will suffer lack in the land of plenty?

Sleepwalk or Awaken?

Will you continue sleepwalking through your existence or will you awaken to the drumbeat for freedom, sovereignty and consciousness emerging worldwide?

Have you turned away from a friend, a neighbor, a family member or your countrymen in need, or do you stand beside? For if you do not stand for them, then who will stand for you? The courage and sacrifice that made America great will make America great again, but in a new way.

Everybody Wins, No Plunder

Next time everybody wins. There is plenty for everyone. There is no need for racism, bigotry or more genocide of indigenous cultures. The future is inclusive but everybody must respect the rights, culture and property of each other.

There can be no legal plunder, no excuse, no laws made to justicy stealing from one and giving to another. Each and every man and woman is responsible for their own creations, their own productivity and the consequences of their actions.

Protect the life, liberty and property of your neighbor and you will receive protection. Plunder and you will be plundered. This is the golden rule in action!

Honesty Please, No Tyranny

And there must be honesty and integrity, please.

Enough lies, deceit and dishonesty crafting a grand illusion upon the state of this nation. Enough of the false promises of security and comfort leading ever more dangerously towards global tyranny.

Tell the whole truth and nothing but. It’s a sacred vow of honor daring to speak and hear the truth. If you are blind take a good look around.

If you fail to notice the signs, the writing on the wall, then you may also fail to notice your liberties and property are under attack, not by enemies from foreign countries, but from within by your own so-called “government.”

Government as a Fraud

GSHCover-190x250Today this “government” in America today is a monumental fraud. The income tax is a fraud. The leaders who promise the stars and deliver nothing but lies are a fraud. Stop believing in the lies around you. The least we can do is tell the truth about that.

This book and previous editions had a mission. The mission was to uncover and reveal the hidden truths about American history, law, economics and politics so you and I could reclaim our natural law rights and liberties as a sovereign people.

This book is about freedom. It is about individual sovereignty. It is about restoring accountability in the governments of men and telling the truth about the state of our nation and the world. It is dedicated to all freedom fighters and the lovers of freedom, for without these brave pioneers and warriors, America and the world would most certainly be lost.

Join us now in liberating not only our minds, hearts and spirits, but the chains of human bondage forever.

Source: Global Sovereign’s Handbook by Johnny Liberty

Gaza Freedom March

By Yusif Barakat

I am in Cairo, as of December 24th, and will return on January 18, 2010 (see below).

During the “Reign of the Goddess”, the compassionate nurturer, and the procreator of life—there was peace.  When the Hebrews converted to the male God image (the warrior) we have had wars for thousands of years.  Throughout history women have promoted peace and at times refused conjugal favors until their men put down their weapons.  Unfortunately, modern women (especially American) have been conscripted and have bought into the male macho slogans: “might makes right” and “the end justifies the means”.

Fortunately, some women have remained true to the Goddess image and have maintained a vigil for Peace.  An example of this is the women who established Code Pink and are sponsoring the Gaza Freedom March.  For more information see www.gazafreedommarch.org.

There have been many men who have championed the Goddess concept as well and have promoted peace, such as, Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  One such person that I know personally is Father Peter Dougherty, who just won the International Gandhi Award.  I met Father Dougherty 20 years ago when I first got arrested for civil disobedience while protesting nuclear weapons at Williams International.

Father Dougherty is the founder of the Michigan Peace Team (formerly known as the Michigan Faith & Resistance Peace Team).   I served 10 years on the MPT Board and remain a trainer for their training in non-violent resistance in areas of conflict.   I am proud to be on a delegation from the Michigan Peace Team, along with 5 women to participate in the Gaza Freedom March.

Attached are two press releases, one from the national Code Pink and one from Michigan Peace Team.  We must break the death grip that Israel has on the Gaza Strip and all of Palestine!  View this 5 minute You-Tube video by Marice Jacobsen to see for yourself what is going on in Gaza and the Gaza Freedom March plans: www.vimeo.com/7956625.

Our intention is to raise awareness amongst the international community and inform Americans, who spend billions of dollars supporting the Israeli genocide of Palestinians.

Please forward this e-mail to your friends and participate in any way you can to create a moral awareness around the death grip Israel has on Palestine!

Hubb Wa Salaam


P.S. I’m also attaching an article about me, titled “Jogger”, which will give you an idea of my dedication & passion for peace, along with the 2 press releases.  Please excuse any duplication of this message that you may receive as a result of my amateur attempt at computer communication.

Liberty and Taboos


Sirius Media produced and packaged a film of one of my seminars in Vancouver, BC entitled The Taboo of Sovereignty, Money, Love and Power” several years ago at the Vancouver Public Library. The film is about the conversations we’re afraid to engage in as a society. The film has not been released.

In the meantime if you want a taste of some of my favorite videos visit the VodPod ICResource channel or YouTube ICResource channel and subscribe. There’s even a short clip somebody posted of the infamous Johnny Liberty speaking on freedom and sovereignty way back in 1995 at the Granada Forum.

Johnny Liberty’s “Are You Sovereign” Presentation | Granada Forum (1995) | YouTube Videos

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