Foster and Kimberly’s Response to John Robbins’ Critique of THRIVE

By Foster and Kimberly Gamble

As some of you may know, several of the people interviewed in our movie, THRIVE, have recently signed a public letter of dissociation from the film. Those signing the statement express feeling misled about the film’s content and find the message of THRIVE to be misguided. We sincerely apologize for whatever unwitting part we played in generating this sense of having been mislead and can say with utmost sincerity that this was never our intent.

We feel sad about how this was handled and that they dissociated without contacting us and without being specific about any objections. We nonetheless appreciate the opportunity to clarify some of the important issues THRIVE raises, and encourage people to see for themselves what we stand for in the film, which is available to watch for free at in 14 different languages.

Each of the pioneers in THRIVE were invited because their expertise in a particular area had been helpful in our gaining an understanding of the bigger picture that includes, but vastly transcends, their sector of expertise – or anyone’s political affiliation. We clearly state this in the movie:

“The people in THRIVE do not necessarily agree with the themes, statements, claims or conclusions presented in the film or website, nor does their inclusion imply our full agreement with all of their views. The people interviewed have each contributed in some deep way to our understanding and we are grateful to them all.”

To facilitate a more fruitful conversation about what THRIVE offers, we’d like to specifically address a recent critique of THRIVE, written by John Robbins, entitled Humanity and Sanity: Standing for a Thriving World (and Challenging the Movie THRIVE).

Response to John Robbins

We appreciate the tireless commitment to humanity that John Robbins’ work reflects and we honor his choice to organize and speak out on behalf of those who feel that THRIVE’s message is somehow counter to his vision of a better world. Unfortunately, the process by which he has expressed his concern relies on misrepresentation of our film and its message, and describes our offering not by what we say or include in the film so much as by the associations of some of the people from whom we have learned certain information. It’s like saying the people who made the movie must be suspect because the stuff they didn’t include was really bad. This distracts from a more fruitful conversation where core issues and strategies can be discussed and debated with respect and curiosity so that our mutual process can indeed contribute something of value in these perilous times.

When unpacking Robbins arguments we notice:

  • He has not corrected a single fact from THRIVE;
  • He confirms the sociopathic and greedy destructiveness of a few banking elite controllers, but relies on “coincidence theory” to justify the success of the elite’s endeavors in every sector of human endeavor across the globe;
  • His solutions are more of what we’ve been doing that got us into the mess we’re in, and more of what hasn’t worked to get us out;
  • He derides free energy with no research or facts, while ignoring numerous eye-witness reports (including our own) and ignoring the brutal suppression of numerous inventors;
  • He implies that the mass of humanity is not compassionate or competent enough to take care of one another without an authoritarian state, even if they are prosperous and free.

We have repeatedly invited John to participate in a constructive and respectful public or private conversation to discuss the issues and to engage in a meaningful exploration of solution strategies.  Sadly, he has refused every time.

In just 5 months, millions of people have verified the usefulness of our movie and website, and THRIVE-inspired solution groups are forming in cities all over the world. So what is the need that THRIVE is meeting? We believe it is the call for bold new solutions that finally transcend the political polarity of left and right and reveal principles by which a lasting new paradigm of solutions can emerge and be sustained. Read more…

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