Vision for a New America & The Taboo of Sovereignty with Johnny Liberty | Austin, Texas

Author, musician, producer, entrepreneur, community organizer, renaissance man & visionary Johnny Light is making a rare public appearance during his two-week “Spring 2012 Lecture Tour” from Austin, Texas, to Detroit, Michigan and as a participant at the Health Freedom Expo near Chicago, Illinois.

Mr. Liberty has lectured in many topic areas including individual sovereignty, freedom and liberty, history, law, economics, money and the nature of global power structures. He authored the best–selling “Global Sovereign’s Handbook” and nine other books, produced two audio courses and a film entitled “The Taboo of Sovereignty, Money, Love & Power.”

As a consequence of the apparently controversial notion that all people are born sovereign and free in America and the world, Mr. Liberty spent two years in federal prison, falsely convicted, and understands the legal system from the inside out.

Come out to Brave New Books and listen to Mr. Liberty’s prophetic wisdom re: collapse of the debt-based economic system, the rise of fascism in America, his unique perspective on modern culture, history, political foolishness, humorous anecdotes and the immortal wisdom of the ages!

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