Monsanto Drops Bid To Approve GMO Crops In Europe | Collective Evolution

-It’s becoming evidently clear that GMO products are hazardous to human health. Numerous countries all over the world are well aware of this fact and as a result many have banned all GMO crops. Monsanto seems to be feeling the opposition, as they’ve recently dropped its bid to get more genetically modified crops (GMOs) onto the European market. Thanks to activism and the sharing of information, it’s clear that a mass, wide-spread opposition to the world’s largest seed corporation has indeed contributed and existed for a long time. It continues to grow exponentially, as more people on the planet continue to wake up.

We will no longer be pursuing approvals for cultivation of new biotech crops in Europe. Instead, we will focus on enabling imports of biotech crops into the EU and the growth of our current business there” – Monsanto Corp

This means that Monsanto will no longer seek land to grow their GMO crops in Europe. Instead they will try to enable importing the crops into Europe. Hopefully they aren’t successful. Recently, we’ve seen countries like Japan, South Korea, and China ban the import of Monsanto’s GMO crops. It’s going to be difficult for Monsanto to even import GM crops into Europe, they currently have a zero tolerance policy on all GM products, you can read more about that here. The pending applications for GM crops included 6 types of corn, a soybean variety and a modified sugar beet. There aren’t many GM crops approved in Europe right now. In fact, only two have been given the ‘go ahead,’ that includes the MON810 maize and a modified potato created by BASF, a German biotech company. Most of the allowed GM produce is in animal feed, which is also unfortunate. Not to long ago, a study linked GMO animal feed to severe stomach inflammation and enlarged Uteri in Pigs. You can read more about that here.

A recent YouGov poll released last month shows that only 21 percent of Britons are in favour of growing GMO crops, with 35 percent opposed to the technology. Monsanto actually said that they will invest in its European non-GMO seed business instead to boost the corporation’s sales. Maybe they are trying to get on the people’s good side?  Despite harsh worldwide opposition, Monsanto-produced GMO crops and aggro-chemicals are widely used in the US and other parts of the world. At the same time, they are widely banned in many parts of the world as well!

A lot is going on with Monsanto right now. Planet Earth has seen a tremendous amount of activism with regards to GMOs, pesticides and more. The world is speaking up, and clearly showing that it no longer desires corporations like Monsanto. With all of the recent activism as of late, mainstream media outlets have responded by supporting GMOs, and corporations like Monsanto.  For example, the major mainstream media outlet in Canada, CBC News, recently aired a discussion with billionaire Kevin O’leary. On the show he praised Monsanto, designating them as a hero. Right away, a 14 year old GMO activist responded and got the attention of the entire planet! You can read more about that  here. Another example of how activism is working was the Monsanto protection act, you can read more about that here. This was signed the night before millions of people united across the planet against Monsanto. Was this a message from the elite? Most likely, but the Monsanto protection act may soon be repealed as some United States senators like Jeff Merkley are currently working on that.

It seems that North America is catching up to the over 60 countries that have banned GMOs. There are a number of scientific studies that prove GMOs are hazardous to human health. You can browse through our health, science & tech, alternative news, and multimedia sections for more information. We have a number of articles and studies that are sourced within them if you are doubting this fact. Hopefully this inspires more to do their research.

Source: Collective Evolution


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