NYPD ‘Stoppage’ is Pushback Against Big Government | Voices of Liberty

OfficerofPeaceToday I’d like to make a few comments about their work stoppage, the slow down of the New York City Police, they are not arresting as many people. A lot of people are getting very nervous about this and trying to figure out what this all means.

This is an out growth of the conflict that became regularly apparent between the militarization of the police and their abuse of the average citizen as well as the citizens of Ferguson, and other countries reacting negatively by causing violence as well. This conflict is going on, but there is also a New York added factor that the police do not think that the mayor is treating them fairly enough and therefore they are not going to go out and arresting people.

Now ordinarily if the police were really doing something important for our safety and protecting us this would be catastrophic, something would happen, the arrests would maybe go down but the criminality would go up. So far that’s not the case. Something similar to that in Detroit in the midst of their severe crisis, they had to downsize on their police forces.

As a matter of fact, there were no signs that there was an increase in the criminality, but police have been less anxious to arrest people. There is a 94 percent decrease in the arrest of minor traffic offenses. I guess the average citizen wouldn’t care about that, that is only a gimmick to raise revenue for the city and they have quotas even though they deny it. It’s just a revenue enhancer for cities to pay policeman a lot of money. My guess is that there are way too many policeman and writing a lot of tickets is something that they do because they have the motive and incentive to raise the money.

Source: Voices of Liberty

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