How To End White Privilege | YouTube

Brandon Tatum, Prager U, doesn’t forgive you for your white privilege. How can he forgive you for something that doesn’t even exist? So, where did the notion of white privilege come from? Who does it benefit? And who does it hurt? The answers might surprise you.

Professor Peggy McIntosh, Wellesley College Women’s Studies wrote an article about 46 white privileges she thought she had. Our conclusion is that the notion of “white privilege” does nothing good for white students and nothing good for black students.

While acknowledging your white privilege may make you feel good with a virtue bonus of separating you from other white people who don’t. acknowledge it.  Furthermore, what makes white people feel good often makes blacks angry.

Fifty years after the Civil Rights movement the narrative is still that black people are oppressed. How can this not create a victim mentality especially among blacks?

Let’s be real.  White privilege depends on the person. White privilege is a way that the left/liberal/progressive class divides America by race. White privilege is all theory and complete nonsense. Deal with people one on one and don’t lump them all together by race. Try it. It works.

Source: YouTube

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