Tucker Carlson: World welcomes its newest country — The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone once known as Seattle | Fox News & YouTube

We’re about to bring you what has become unfortunately a nightly update on the descent of our nation into chaos and craziness, a lot of craziness.

For more than two weeks, this is really all we’ve covered. There’s that much going on right now. We can’t cover it all in an hour. Almost all of it, as you know, all the news is horrifying.

Vandals are defacing our country. They’re destroying our cities, our institutions, our civil society.

They have no right to do any of that. They don’t own this country. They did not build it. The rest of us should not allow them to wreck it, but we are allowing them and it’s infuriating to watch.

We’ve definitely been infuriated. Genuinely infuriated. If you’ve watched the show, you’ve probably noticed that and we want to apologize for that.

Here’s why: The last thing American needs right now is more anger, yet another red face screamer shouting about this or that.

And to the extent, that’s been us, we’re sorry. We genuinely want to help fix this disaster. So, adding to the sum total of rage does not help.

Going forward, we’re going to continue to be as honest as we can. That’s our duty. Above all, we try to be honest on the show. Sincerely.

We’re also going to work to be calm and amused because, honestly, what’s the option right now?

Keep your sense of humor. That’s what they tell you when things get really dark. And it’s good advice.

Humor brings perspective. All of us could use some perspective right now.

So with that in mind, we want to begin with a geography quiz.

Here it is: How many countries are there on Earth? Last week, there were a total of 195, but if you guessed that, you’re wrong, because now there are 196.

Ladies and gentlemen say hello to the latest addition to the global family of nations: the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone formerly known as downtown Seattle.

Source: Fox News & YouTube

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