The white privilege (i.e., white slavery) they erased from history | YouTube & Dana Ashlie

Editor’s Note: Big Media has been giving lots of attention lately to Black Lives Matter, mandatory white guilt, kneeling in submission, reparations for slavery, etc. If we were being completely honest, we’d also consider that not only do White Lives Matter, but so do All Lives Matter. But honesty and taking responsibility is not exactly Big Media’s motivation for bringing these issues to the light of day at this time. Beneath the surface, there is a deeply held political agenda with the sole intention of dividing America by race so our new slave masters can rule all of us with impunity. In this illuminating video Dana Ashlie brings to light another side of the slavery issue which many of our white, left/liberal friends will not be so comfortable learning about. Watch and see for yourself.

Our history is written by the victors. What presentation of our history would best suite their chosen ‘end game’ for us? The straight up erasing and twisted of true history has happened on a variety of topics of course, but specifically the topic of slavery has been erased and retold in a way that points to another agenda that has been set up. Who gains and who is set to lose are the questions we need to ask.

Source: YouTube & Dana Ashlie

2 thoughts on “The white privilege (i.e., white slavery) they erased from history | YouTube & Dana Ashlie

  1. Refuting primary school history and hollywood is like refuting santa clause the easter bunny and the tooth fairy . Yes there were white slaves, especially Irish Catholics and prisoners. More were indentured servants than slaves -which means their period of servitude was proscribed by contract , for a stated period of time ,and/or sum to be repaid. This all shifted significantly after Bacon’s rebellion.

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