Peace Talks Possible Between Russia and Ukraine, As Magnificently Defiant Zelenskyy Stands Atop The Alamo of Kyiv Taking Selfies | Conservative Treehouse

Editor’s Note: For ten years NATO and the European Union (EU) have been expanding its influence and military might into Eastern Europe without regard for Russian sovereignty or the security of its border with Ukraine. Putin made his move into Ukraine not only to secure their borders, something the United States should be doing on the southern border of Mexico, but refuses to do so. Putin is aware that the government of Ukraine has become a hostile force since the “color revolution” of 2014 not only towards Russia, but towards two separatist regions of Ukraine which have asked for military protection from the government of Ukraine who is bent on genociding those two separatist regions. They have asked for protection and Putin is providing it. The power-drunk New World Order/Deep State’World Economic Forum/Mainstream Media/CIA forces are using the Russian-Ukraine conflict as a pretext for furthering their global totalitarian agenda – an agenda perpetrated by governments and public health officials for two years during the alleged COVID-19 pandemic (which it never was). Because the pandemic panic, mandates and lockdowns are winding down due to mass resistance to the totalitarian policies of these tyrants (now exposed for all to see) and the rise of truth (amidst the waking giant of humanity), this new pretext for war has quickly become the focus of global polarization and today’s headlines.

The propaganda pouring out of Ukraine from the U.S. State Department and the taxpayer funded Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) is, in a modern scale, historic.

In their collective effort to make #Ukraine the modern image of The Alamo (where the last stand to defend all mankind is taking place), the corporate media, state dept and NGO’s are utilizing their Hollywood directed#BringBackOurGirls and #KonySurrender techniques in the extreme.

Pay no attention to the absence of any war fighting actually taking place, meaning the lack of actual fighting shooting and stuff in a modern era where everyone has cell phone cameras, and instead focus your attention to the ‘story telling.’

After all, the White House was very clear that the winner of this contest to defend all humanity from the Russian villain Vladimir Putin, would depend on who could tell a “better story.”

Thus, you do not need to see shooting or actual war type stuff.  Instead, the contest to save the planet is boiled down to who can take a better selfie.

As Deputy National Security Advisor Daleep Singh stated last week, the U.S. government has rallied the collective west to defeat Russia using the cultural weapon of social likeability.   Vladimir Putin is getting pummeled.

It’s all a grand pantomime folks.  All of it.  Volodymyr Zelenskyy is the newest Michael Avenatti.

Ukraine has been the playground for the U.S. State Dept, NGO’s, intelligence schemes and DC political grift for well over a decade.  You know it, because it has been well documented.  Yet suddenly, the same Ukraine is the modern Alamo in the battle to save all mankind. Oh, okay, and we’re supposed to forget the first stuff.

If you’re wondering, why has it taken the Russia army four days to travel 30 miles?   You must believe it is, because Ukrainians with their free Kalashnikov rifles and Molotov cocktails have beaten back the onslaught of heavily mechanized armored tank divisions.   You must believe it, because you are being told by the most trusted names in news.

If you don’t believe it… and if you think it all just seems odd as Ukrainian politicians are taking selfies amid this monumental military encounter…   well, you must be a Russian agent, or something.

Comrades, just wait until tomorrow, when Russia will bomb the baby formula factories, then perhaps you will take it seriously.  How can you not feel sympathy for the babies, the mothers, teachers, crying on the television as they tell stories about saving their children from the scourge of the artillery fire that must be heard in the ever familiar “off in the distance.”

It’s weird how no journalist will actually go to that “distant” place they all talk about.  Alas, I digress….

Bottom line folks… the Russia -vs- Ukraine crisis is cover for the outcomes of Joe Biden’s energy policy, so that American voters do not attach $10/gal gasoline to his climate change agenda, and instead apportion the blame to Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Again, “never let a crisis go to waste,” and if you can’t find the crisis to use, make one.

Source: Conservative Treehouse

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