“Unafraid” by Jeff Golden | Review


I went last night to the final performance of an oratory of Jeff Golden’s new novel “Unafraid” at the Oregon Stage Works. ‘Twas an engaging dialogue between prominent political characters of the late twentieth century, engaging the imagination of what’s possible with great leadership, particular that of John and Robert Kennedy, had they survived the bullets.

“Unafraid will be pivotal for readers who care deeply about our country. Kudoes for this compelling blend of face and fiction.” – John Steiner, Board Chair, Reuniting America

The novel is factual up to the point when John F. Kennedy was shot on November 23rd, 1963, and fictional afterward as JFK survives the bullet in this dramatic story. JFK goes on to win another term as President confronting many of the great issues of his day with great leadership, and altering the course of history. Imagine that! Imagine the possible!

In this fictional novel JFK diffuses the Cuban missile crisis with his brother Bobby, invites Fidel Castro to the great capitalist Joseph Kennedy’s home for a fireside chat in which the resolving of the idealogical argument of socialism versus capitalism takes place.

“…A daringly original, strikingly ‘perfect for our times’ story. This is the great read you’ve been looking for.” – Neale Donald Walsch, Author, Conversations with God

JFK takes a stand against apartheid in South Africa, agrees to cease the arms race with Leonard Bresnov and stop playing “superpowers.” He refuses to take sides with Israel against the Arab world after the 1967 war in the Middle East and commits to a renewable energy future after oil companies threatened to cut off supplies if he doesn’t resume the previous foreign policies of the United States favoring big corporations.

All in all a well-crafted play and I imagine the novel is much the same. I purchased mine and had the author autograph my copy after the showing.

Source: Ashland Resource Center

Unafraid by Jeff Golden