Germany as One Country of Heart and Soul

By Sangeeta Handa

Refugees1Germany: Once a dreaded country! Thereafter a hated nation! Infamous for its atrocities, evil designs, concentration camps, nazis, hitler. Known for the pain, suffering, death, torture, gruesome killings of innocent souls (children and women). Then slowly this Fatherland came to be known for its merits too – beautiful autobahns (made by hitler), technological advancements, BMW’s, Mercedes, Audi (the auto industry), its beer and October Fest, its exotic Alps, its breathtaking towns and cities, countryside, food, I love their German Champagne wink emoticon, its exquisite Aryan race , etc. Here I am compelled to add Joyce’s (my closest friend here on FB) wonderful and completing expression and summation of what Germany is so remembered about: “When I think of the German legacy, I think of the music of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Strauss and Wagner – the literature and philosophy of Goethe, Kant, and Schopenhauer – the science of Roentgen, Planck, and von Braun – and the world-changing inventions such as Gutenberg’s printing press, Daimler’s automobile, and Lippisch’s aerodynamic planes. This has always been what the Germans cherish… it’s never been war!”

However, today, Germany is becoming famous for something, above and far beyond all these material and technological advancements. It is coming to be regarded as the nation with a SOUL! All the migrants from the bereaved land of Syria wants to go only to Germany! Because not just is the govt of Germany (run by a meticulous heartfelt lady) openly welcoming the refugees into their Faterland but, the people of Germany are benevolently opening their hearts and offering all they can to make these sad dislocated souls feel loved and wanted! There are videos galore revealing how the residents are taking food, clothes, water, from their homes to the areas where these refugees are assembled. Taking baby clothes, prams, milk for the newborns. Sharing their belongings and even homes with these helpless sad people. Today, Germany and Germans have proven to be the most benevolent! And it shows by the herds and hoards of refugees rushing towards one destination and one destination only! Trains are being stopped, but that doesnt stop them, they are walking in rain in sun towards a nation of love and compassion.

Germany has outdone itself once again! But this time, in doing so, it has wiped out the records of its misdoings of many decades afore! It is today seen and known, wanted and hailed, as the One Country of Heart and Soul! I salute Germany!

The photos below are of a small town Offenburg, on the west border with France. I was there in Oct of last year. The warmth, the smiles, the streets, the fairytale towns, the culture, their festivities are unique!

SangeetaAdding the latest news: FC Bayern München AG will additionally donate €1 million from a friendly match to refugee support projects. This is a soccer/football game they are talking about. FC Bayern via its youth section plans to establish a “Training camp” for refugees over the coming weeks. Municipal authorities will assume essential organisational tasks. Kids and youths will train at FC Bayern at intervals to be determined later, take German classes, and be provided with meals and football kit.

Author: Sangeeta Handa | Facebook
Partial Source:…/press-release-030915-fcbaye…

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