Twitter & YouTube Remove Trump’s Unifying George Floyd Tribute | Trending Politics [click image]

Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 9.30.15 AMOn Saturday, President Trump gave an incredibly touching and unifying speech to the nation concerning the death of George Floyd. If you’re wondering why you missed it, the answer is simple:

The media refused to give it much attention. Instead, they decided to focus on the violent riots in the streets.

As a result, the liberal media and celebrities everywhere have accused President Trump of being ‘divisive’ and ‘weak’. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson even made a viral video this week asking Trump ‘Where are you? Where is our compassionate leader?’

Turns out, President Trump has been incredibly unifying and compassionate, but the social media giants are censoring that content.

On Wednesday, the Trump campaign released a video called ‘Healing, not hatred’ which highlighted President Trump’s unifying remarks about George Floyd on Saturday, but it was promptly removed from the left wing platform.

Their excuse for taking the video down was due to ‘copyright’ reasons, but we all know the real reason it was taken down. In our humble opinion, this video displayed perfect messaging on the part of President Trump, and Twitter couldn’t stand to see it go viral.

“Twitter and Jack are censoring this uplifting and unifying message from President Trump after the George Floyd tragedy. The same speech the media refused to cover. Here is the YouTube link.”

As of right now, the video is still up on YouTube. Watch below and share it with EVERYONE YOU KNOW:

“The death of George Floyd in the streets of Minneapolis was a grave tragedy. It should never have happened. It has filled Americans all over the country with horror, anger, and grief,” Trump says in the video.

“We support the right of peaceful protesters, and we hear their pleas,”  added Trump. “I stand before you as a friend and ally to every American seeking justice and peace.”

As you can see, President Trump stood with the PEACEFUL protesters, vowed justice for George Floyd, AND supported our law enforcement!

However, the liberal media has spent all week acting like this speech never happened. They swept it under the rug and they are shielding the truth from the American people.

Source: Trending Politics

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