Massive Leak Exposes Every Member of the Chinese Communist Party | Sky News Austrailia & Trending Politics

On Sunday, Sky News in Australia dropped a bombshell report where they announced that a major leak had revealed the names of over 2 million people who were a part of the Chinese Communist Party. According to the report, the complete list will be released later today.

Check out what Sky News Australia reported:

A major leak containing a register with the details of nearly two million CCP members has occurred – exposing members who are now working all over the world, while also lifting the lid on how the party operates under Xi Jinping, says Sharri Markson. Ms Markson said the leak is a register with the details of Communist Party members, including their names, party position, birthday, national ID number and ethnicity.

“It is believed to be the first leak of its kind in the world,” said Sky News’ Sharri Markson.

“What’s amazing about this database is not just that it exposes people who are members of the communist party, and who are now living and working all over the world, from Australia to the US to the UK,” Markson added. “But it’s amazing because it lifts the lid on how the party operates under President and Chairman Xi Jinping.”

Markson continued by stating that the leak will uncover key figures who are Chinese assets who are embedded in large companies and government agencies.

“Communist party branches have been set up inside western companies, allowing the infiltration of those companies by CCP members – who, if called on, are answerable directly to the communist party, to the Chairman, the president himself,” she said.

“Along with the personal identifying details of 1.95 million communist party members, mostly from Shanghai, there are also the details of 79,000 communist party branches, many of them inside companies.”

Markson continued: “It is also going to embarrass some global companies who appear to have no plan in place to protect their intellectual property from theft. From economic espionage.”

According to Markson, the leak came from a Shanghai server by Chinese whistleblowers, back in April of 2016.

“It was then leaked in mid-September to the newly-formed international bi-partisan group, the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China – and that group is made up of 150 legislators around the world,” Markson explained.

“It was then provided to an international consortium of four media organizations, The Australian, The Sunday Mail in the UK, De Standaard in Belgium and a Swedish editor, to analyze over the past two months, and that’s what we’ve done,” Markson said, adding, it “is worth noting that there’s no suggestion that these members have committed espionage – but the concern is over whether Australia or these companies knew of the CCP members and if so have any steps been taken to protect their data and people.”

Bottom row Ducey Newsome and Kemp…
Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker with Chinese Consul General Zhao Jian.
Utah Governor Gary Herbert with Chinese Minister Xu Xueyuan.
Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker with Chinese Consul Zhang Qiyue and a number of representatives from Chinese-funded enterprises in the US. (sorry, low-quality)
North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper with Chinese Minister Xu Xueyuan
Minnesota Governor Tim Walz with Chinese Consul General Hong Lei.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott with Chinese Ambassador Li Qiangmin.
Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards with Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai.
Pennsylvania’s Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald with Chinese Consul General Huang Ping.

Source: Sky News & Trending Politics

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